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Tilburg University Summer School

01. 02. 2019 14.45 hod.

Greetings from Tilburg University!

From July 8th until August 9th 2019, Tilburg University will organize the 11th edition of Tilburg University Summer School. The Summer School offers ambitious students the opportunity to follow interesting and intensive high-quality theme courses and language courses combined with a fun-packed social program to discover the Dutch culture.

Challenging courses
We offer students the opportunity to take interesting and intensive high-quality theme courses that are a great addition to their studies or that can be used to broaden their horizon, dealing with a completely new and exciting topic. Next to theme courses such as ‘Cultural Diversity: Theory and Practice’, ‘Justice for victims of conflict-related sexual violence and human trafficking?’ and ‘Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship’ we offer many language courses. These language courses can help your students master the Dutch, English or Spanish language. All of our courses will award our participants with official credits (1-6 ECTS) after successful participation.

Exciting social program
Every year, a large group of students from all over the world participate in the Tilburg University Summer School. We combine serious studying with an entertaining social program. Our program leaves room for cultural activities, sports, and relaxation. During the social program, students can connect, and experience and enjoy the variety of different cultures.

Flyer Tilburg University Summer School 2019
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This video shows what a summer at Tilburg University could look like