Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava

Vice Dean for Development, Accreditation, Evaluation and Quality Assurance, for Educational Activities in Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes and Rigorous Exams

prof. JUDr. Ing. Ondrej Blažo, PhD.

e-mail: ondrej.blazoflaw.uniba.sk

Scope of function:

  • development, accreditation, evaluation and quality assurance
  • educational activities in bachelor's degree programme
  • educational activities in master's degree programme
  • rigorous exams


Ondrej Blažo graduated from the Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava as well as from the Faculty of National Economy at the University of Economics in Bratislava. He is a Professor in international law specializing in EU law, EU competition law, and economic integration, currently Director of the Institute of European Law, and editor in chief of Bratislava Law Review. Previously he has been a senior state counsel at the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic as a case handler and at the legal and EU affairs department (co-authored several legislative documents on Slovak competition rules). He is the author and co-author of publications focused particularly on competition law, EU competition law, and EU public procurement law, including commentary on the Slovak Act on Protection Competition. His research was supported by national and international grants, including Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence "Rule of Law in the European Union", APVV "Effectivization of legal regulation of public procurement and its application in the context of EU law" (leader of the research team), APVV "Effectiveness of legal regulation of protection of economic competition in the context of its application in practice". 


  • Mgr. Adam Máčaj, PhD.
  • Mgr. Olexij M. Meteňkanyč, PhD.
  • JUDr. Stanislav Mihálik, PhD.