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Department of Administrative Law and Environmental Law

The Department of Administrative Law and Environmental Law (“the Department”) offers a number of courses taught in different forms within the Faculty's study programmes. In particular, it provides administrative substantive law courses and administrative procedure courses as well as environmental law courses. The decision-making processes within the public administration and their judicial review is of a particular importance within the Department's focus, too. The Department provides courses in the first, second and third degree of study but it focuses especially on the first and third degree of study. In terms of the first degree of study, the Department focuses primarily on the preparation of students for completing their bachelor's degree programmes. As for the third degree, its aim is to prepare its students for scientific and pedagogical practise. Members of the Department get involved in pedagogical activities, scientific and research activities as well as specialised activities. Currently and for the first time ever in its history, the Department has at its disposal all of its own university course books which are used during the pedagogical process. As far as the scientific and research activities of the Department are concerned, it actively participates in grant projects and in national as well as international conferences, including the preparation of proceedings from these conferences. The research conducted by the Department is basic as well as applied. Its specialised activities consist in publications concerning the legal regulations which came into force; furthermore, the Department presents its opinions with respect to the issues emerging from the practical application of law.

Head of Department:

  • prof. JUDr. Marián Vrabko, CSc.

Deputy Head of Department:


  • tel.: 02/592 44 380
  • e-mail: ksepflaw.uniba.sk
  • offices: 310 SB, 315 SB - 318 SB
  • address:
    Department of Administrative Law and Environmental Law
    Comenius University, Faculty of Law
    Šafárikovo námestie č. 6
    P. O. BOX 313
    810 00 Bratislava