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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I have a problem regarding AIS2 and a specific subject

For example, situations such as:

(a) I do not have the continuous evaluation points entered (please note that you can only take the exam if you have the continuous evaluation points recorded in the AIS system; so be sure to check this before the exam), or

b) I am unable to register for the exam, etc.

In this case, we recommend that you contact the lecturer who taught your seminar or the Deputy Head of Department. 

In order to speed up communication, we ask that the student indicate in the email his/her/their programme of study (law/EaP/other), whether he/she/them is full-time/external study and the exact name of the subject/course in question (i.e. just indicating "administrative law" is not sufficient).

Information on course completion requirements

You can find further information HERE.

Guidelines for the exam period since academic year 2022/2023

You can find guidelines for the exam period of the academic year that are valid until revoked, since 2022/2023, HERE.

State exams

  • The state examination according to the following questions: HERE applies to students enrolled in the PRV16, PRVx16 and all students (full-time and part-time) of the EaP program.
  • The state examination according to the original questions (HERE) applies to students enrolled in the PRV and PRV/x study program.
  • The state examination according to the case in the first paragraph is conducted using uncommented legislation provided to students by the department via IT equipment on computers/laptops.
  • In case of discrepancies/uncertainties, please contact the Deputy Head of the Department at matej.horvatflaw.uniba.sk 

When can I take an exam in a course that I failed previous year and that has a mandatory continuous evaluation?

Information applies to SPH and SPP courses for both full-time and part-time study* 

If I HAVE a recognised course (i.e. I do not have to attend seminars as I have attended these and have not had more than the permitted absences(4)) and


  • I did not achieve the required number of points, i.e. at least 4, in the previous semester in order to be admitted to the exam - I must take the revision dates for the continuous assessment (the dates are published in the AIS); without achieving at least 4 points, I cannot take the exam; 
  • In the previous semester I have achieved the required number of points, i.e. at least 4; the points will be kept for this academic year and I can take the exam - I must check whether these points are entered in the AIS; if not, I will contact my seminar tutor and ask him/her to enter these points.


If I DO NOT have the credits, then I cannot take the exam, I cannot take the revision term for contunuous assessment, and I must take all the coursework (i.e. lectures and seminars) in the semester in which the course is properly open. 

* Please note: this information does not apply to students who have been withdrawn from the study and are re-enrolled (newly enrolled) in the study - these students must retake the seminars and obtain the necessary number of points to be admitted to the exam.

Consulting hours

  • individual consultations take place on the basis of a prior e-mail agreement with a specific lecturer via the MS TEAMS application or in person