Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava

Department of Constitutional Law

The Department of Constitutional Law (“the Department”) focuses on teaching a number of compulsory propaedeutic courses (Theory of the State, Constitutional Law) within its pedagogical process the completion of which is significant for progressive development in the study of other areas of law. Apart from the compulsory courses, the Department also provides other selective compulsory courses and elective courses within the respective study programmes which have a significant effect on a versatile specialisation of the future graduate. The predominant objective of the courses offered by and taught at the Department is to provide the student with a sufficient amount of information in an effective and complex way so that the student would acquire detailed knowledge of constitutional law being one of the elementary areas of law in Slovakia. The basic terminology concerning the State, theory of constitution, fundamental constitutional institutes, detailed characteristics of constitutional bodies and their mutual relations as well as the fundamental rights and freedoms represent the key issues of the Department's focus.

Apart from their pedagogical activities, the members of the Department also get engaged in various scientific activities falling within the area of constitutional law. The scientific activities are primarily realised through their active participation in national as well as international grant projects and collective and individual publication activities.

In addition to pedagogical and scientific activites, members of the Department regularly comment current constitutional and political events in the Slovak Republic, both on television and radio, as well as in print and internet media.



 Head of Department:

  • prof. JUDr. Marián Giba, PhD.

Deputy Head of Department:

  • doc. JUDr. Marek Domin, PhD.


Student helping with scientific activities ("Študentská pomocná vedecká sila"):

  • Veronika Habalová (under the leadership of doc. Domin)



  • tel.: 02/592 44 338
  • email: marian.gibaflaw.uniba.sk / marek.dominflaw.uniba.sk (especially in study matters)
  • offices: 301 SB - 303 SB, 328 SB
  • address:
    Department of Constitutional Law
    Comenius University, Faculty of Law
    Šafárikovo námestie č. 6
    P. O. BOX 313
    810 00 Bratislava