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Why to choose the Department of the Labour Law and Social Security Law?

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Department of the Labor Law and Social Security Law (hereinafter as “Department“) is one of the oldest and most successful Departments in the history of the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University in Bratislava (hereinafter as „Faculty“). Some members of the Department have been actively engaged in the formation of the Labour and Social Legislation of the Slovak Republic (e. g. Labour Code, Act on Social Insurance, Act on the Employment Services and Act on Collective Bargaining). The members also represent the Faculty at the national and international scientific conferences or they dealt with important scientific and research tasks.

The extraordinary professional competence of all members of the Department is directly connected with their enthusiasm and individual approach in the framework of the educational process. Besides the compulsory courses (The Basis of the Labour Law, Labour Law) there is a possibility to select from the compulsorily optional courses (Social Security Law, the Clinic of the Social Law, Medicine Law, Social Policy, International and European Labour Law). During the winter term, the Department offers also course called International and European Labour Law, which is conducted in English (the teaching of the course and the exam is connected with the foreign students studying at the Faculty during their Erasmus Exchange program).

All courses are integral part of the Faculty’s Bachelor and Master study program in Law, both in the full-time form of study and part time form of study. The Department significantly participates on the professional forming of the graduates. The fundamental emphasis is not put solely on the theoretical knowledge, but it is put also on the reasoning and expressing skills and on the analytical work of the student in concrete case study in particular. The successful passing of the courses offered by the Department including the state examination constitutes precondition for the student to be extraordinarily well prepared for the job at various law professions (e.g. advocacy, the field of the legislation, labour inspection, social services, civil and public service, non-governmental sector etc.).

The Department also offers possibility to undergo the rigorous procedure (awarding of the academic degree JUDr.) or to attend the 3rd degree of higher education (currently in cooperation with the other departments of the Faculty) – the doctoral study (the award of the academic degree Ph.D.). Department regularly (twice a year) organizes scientific conference devoted to the actual issues of the Labour Law and Social Security Law from which the anthology is published. The extraordinary good relations with the various entities from the non-academic sector (e. g. Ministry of the Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, Union of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak Republic, Confederation of the Trade Unions of Slovak Republic, Labour Inspection) enable us to mutually link the theoretical knowledge with the requirements of the application practice, e. g. the form of common scientific events, the intermediation of study internships in the abovementioned or other institutions.


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If you are interested in the possibilities of study at the Department of the Labour Law and Social Security Law or if you are interested in the establishment of the cooperation from the other reason, we will be delighted if you will contact us.


Employees of the Department of the Labour Law and Social Security Law