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Department of Legal History and Comparative Law

The Department is one of the Faculty's founding scientific and pedagogical institutions existing continually since 1921. During the period of the 1st Czechoslovak Republic, legal history courses (Roman Law, Ecclesiastical Law, History of Public Law and Private Law in Central Europe and Czechoslovak Legal History) were offered within the first study section (the legal history section) which was completed by passing a comprehensive state exam in legal history. The courses were conducted by the Department's institutional predecessors – Roman Law Seminar (Professors Sommer, Vážny, Boháček, Budil), Ecclesiastical Law Seminar (Professors Bušek, Knappek), Seminar of Legal History in Central Europe (Professors Horna, Rauscher), Seminar of Czechoslovak and Slavic Legal History (Professor Horna) and Slavic Law Seminar (Professor Markov). During the post-war period, legal history courses were taught by the Institute of Roman Law (Professor Rebro), Institute of Legal History in Central Europe and Slavic History (Professor Markov) and the Institute of Slavic Law (Professor Markov). In 1950, a unified Department of Theory and History of Law and State was established (Associate Professor Lipscher, Associate Professor Vietor) followed in 1956 by a separate Department of History of State and Law (later known as the Department of Legal History). As for the renowned personalities who worked at this Department in the past we ought to mention, inter alia, Professor Vietor, Professor Sivák, Professor Blaho, Professor Klimko, Professor Mertanová, Professor Beňa, Professor Vojáček, Associate Professor Železkovová, Associate Professor Kunová, Associate Professor Bíly and Associate Professor Nemec.

By virtue of decision of the Dean of the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava effective from the 1st March 2015 the Department incorporated into its curriculum all comparative law courses taught at the Faculty and thus took over the functions of the long defunct Department of Comparative Law. Through its research, the Department scientifically and pedagogically guarantees and conducts within the bachelor degree programme compulsory courses (Slovak Legal History I and Slovak Legal History II), selective compulsory courses (History of Public Law, History of Private Law and Global Legal Systems) and a wide range of elective courses with a significant part of them in English. The Department has also been authorised to conduct the so-called rigorous examination after successful passage of which the candidate is awarded the degree of Doctor of Law (JUDr. or juris utriusque doctor).

Based on excellent scientific and research activities of the members of the Department, which thus represents one of the leading departments at the Faculty, the Department met the criteria for conducting Ph.D. degree programme in "Theory and History of State and Law". After successfully defending the dissertation thesis, Ph.D. students are awarded the degree of philosophiae doctor (Ph.D.). As part of the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University, the Department in co-operation with other departments also met the requirements for creating Associate Professors and Professors in the academic discipline of "Theory and History of State and Law".

Head of Department:

·         Professor Mgr. Miroslav Lysý, PhD.

Deputy Head of Department:

·         Assistant Professor Mgr. Matej Mlkvý, PhD., LL.M.


·         tel.: (+421) 2 592 44 304

·         e-mail: kpdpk@flaw.uniba.sk

·         offices: 308 - 309 SB, 412 - 415 SB

·         address:

          Department of Legal History and Comparative Law

          Comenius University, Faculty of Law

          Šafárikovo námestie č. 6, P.O.BOX 313

          810 00 Bratislava, Slovakia