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Lectures for Roman Law 1

You can watch the lectures on following link via: https://liveuniba.sharepoint.com/sites/Praf_prednasky/Archv%20Prednok/Forms/AllItems.aspx?CT=1695740242641&OR=OWA%2DNT&CID=ad162476%2D22b9%2De682%2D2ea7%2D525a3aeb554d&id=%2Fsites%2FPraf%5Fprednasky%2FArchv%20Prednok%2F22%2D23%20Zimn%C3%BD%20semester%2FKatedra%20r%C3%ADmskeho%20pr%C3%A1va%20a%20cirkevn%C3%A9ho%20pr%C3%A1va%2FRoman%20Law%201&viewid=24d5f30a%2D48f1%2D4234%2D8c19%2Db6d85ca3e7a1


Lecture 1: Introduction (here)

Lecture 2: Division and sources of law (here)

Lecture 3: Status familiae (here)

Lecture 4: Legal acts (here)

Lecture 5: Capacity to legally act (here)

Lecture 6: Introduction to Law of things. Possession. (here)

Lecture 7: Ownership - part 1 (here)

Lecture 8: Ownership - part 2 (here)

Lecture 9: Iura in re aliena (here)