Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava

Reasons for Choosing this Department


The Department of Theory of Law and Philosophy of Law (hereinafter referred to as "the Department") is one of the traditional and most important departments of the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as "PraF UK" or "the Faculty").

Exceptional competence and professionalism of all members of the Department is reflected in their rich publishing activity, but also in the fact that they represent the Faculty at renowned national and international scientific conferences, or are researchers of important scientific research tasks. Members of the Department regularly actively participate in the drafting of legislation in various fields.

Among other things, the Department organises its own scientific conferences, whether in cooperation with other faculties of Comenius University, domestic and foreign law faculties, or other institutions from the state and public sphere and the 3rd sector, on highly topical issues of the theory of state and law, issues of law, morality and justice, human rights, history of political and legal thought, legal philosophy, theory and methodology of legal science, legal sociology, ethics, bioethics and biomedicine. Extremely good relations with various entities from non-academic environment allow us to interlink theoretical knowledge with the needs of application practice in a wide range of ways, e.g. through joint scientific events, organizing essay and seminar paper writing competitions, or arranging student internships in the individual cooperating institutions.

Pedagogically, the Department provides a rich plethora of courses in all three levels of study: in addition to the compulsory courses (Theory of Law I and II, Legal and Political Philosophy, Argumentation in Law and Interpretation of Law, Logical Semantics and Methodological Propaedeutics for Lawyers, Legal Ethics, Legal Philosophy, Legal Historiography and Legal Theory, Legal Science, Methodology of Science, etc.) it is also possible to choose one of the optional courses at the Department (Foundations of Sociology of Law, Theories of Justice in 20. century, Law in Film Art, Law and Literature, Logic for Lawyers, Law and the Influence of the Judeo-Christian Tradition, Game Theory and the Problem of Decision Making, Associational Law).

The Department also provides teaching of courses in English (in this case the teaching and examination is often combined with foreign students from the ERASMUS programme), such as Theory of Law I. and II., Legal Ethics, and Biomedical Law.

The Department also offers the possibility to take the rigorous procedure in the theory of law (awarding the degree of JUDr.), or the 3rd level of higher education - doctoral studies (awarding the degree of PhD.) in the field of theory and history of the state and law.

All courses of the Department form a solid part of the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral study programme, both in daily and external form. In this way, the Department contributes substantially to the professional formation of the graduate of the faculty, with emphasis not only on the theoretical knowledge forming the basis of the student's knowledge, but also on argumentation skills, expressive abilities, and especially on the student's analytical work in specific case studies. Successful completion of a number of courses with a broad spectrum of focus offered by the Department creates a prerequisite for the student to have the necessary knowledge and to be well prepared for work in various legal professions after graduation.

If you are interested in establishing closer cooperation with the Department, please do not hesitate to contact us.