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Department of Theory of Law and Social Sciences

The Department of Theory of Law and Philosophy of Law (hereinafter referred to as the “Department”) provides university education in the area of theoretical sciences concerning State and Law, especially in the area of theory and philosophy of law, sociology of law, legal methodology and legal ethics. The Department provides and guarantees the following courses: Theory of Law I, Theory of Law II, Basics of Sociology of Law, Philosophical and Legal Theories I and Philosophical and Legal Theories II, Theories of Justice in the 20th Century, Eristic, Ethics and Law, Theories of Democracy, Legal Clinic of Theory of Law, Law in the Area of Film Art, Law and Influence of Jewish and Christian Tradition.

The Head of the Department:

The Deputy Head of Department:

  • JUDr. Tomáš Mészáros, PhD.




  • tel.: 02/592 44 675
  • e-mail: ktpsvflaw.uniba.sk
  • offices: 609NB, 611NB - 613NB, 615NB
  • address:
    Department of Theory of Law and Social Sciences
    Comenius University, Faculty of Law
    <output>Šafárikovo námestie č. 6, P. O. BOX 313
    810 00 Bratislava</output>
    Šafárikovo námestie č. 6
    P. O. BOX 313
    810 00 Bratislava