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Reasons for Choosing this Department

Reasons for Choosing this Department

The Department of Theory of Law and Social Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the “Department”) is considered to be one of the traditional and most important departments of the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as “Praf UK” or “Faculty”).

The exceptional professional competence and professionalism of all members of the Department is manifested both in their rich publishing activities and the representation of the Faculty at reputable national and international scientific conferences and they also in their pursuit of significant scientific and research tasks. The members of the Department have been participating actively on creation of legislation in different areas of law.

The Department also organizes its own scientific conferences, whether in cooperation with other faculties of the UK, domestic or foreign law faculties or other public and state institutions or institutions from 3rd sector, on the highly topical issues of theory of state and law, issues concerning law, morality and justice, history of political and legal thinking, legal philosophy, theory and methodology of legal science, legal sociology, ethics, bioethics, biomedicine, relationship between law and sport, as well as relationship between law and modern technology. Extremely good relationships with various entities from non-academic environment allow us to interconnect the theoretical knowledge with the needs of application practice, for instance in the form of joint scientific events, organizing competitions in writing essays and seminar papers, or by arranging student internships in partner institutions.         

Pedagogically the Department provides a vast array of courses at all three levels of study: in addition to obligatory courses (Theory of Law I and II, Legal and Political Philosophy, Legal Historiography and Theory of Law, Legal Science, Methodology of Science), at the Department there is a possibility of choosing also one of the optional or selective courses (Fundamentals of Sociology for Lawyers, Theory of Justice of the 20th Century, Theory of Democracy, Ethics and Law, Logical Semantics in Law, Law in Film Arts, Legal Clinic of Theory of Law, Law and Literature, Eristic, Legal Research).    

The Department also provides courses in English (in this case, the teaching and examination involves also ERASMUS students): Legal Skills, Legal Ethics, Biomedical Law.

The Department provides the opportunity to undertake a rigorous procedure from the theory of law (awarding the title JUDr.), or to graduate from the 3rd stage of university studies – doctoral studies (awarding the title PhD.) in the field of theory and history of the state and law.

All courses provided by the Department form a solid part of the Bachelor´s, Master´s and PhD study programs, both in the daily and in the external form of study. The Department substantially participates in expert formation of the graduate of the Faculty, while the basic emphasis is not placed only on the theoretical knowledge, but also on the argumentation and presentation skills, and especially on the analytical work of student in specific case studies. Successful completion of several courses at the Department allows for the student to be exceptionally well prepared to work in different legal professions after graduation.

If you are interested in studying at our Department or if you would like to establish a closer cooperation for any other reason, we will be glad to hear from you. Our contact is here.