Faculty of LawComenius University in Bratislava

Representatives of our Faculty attended worldwide conference in Mexico on clinical legal education

9th GAJE (Global Alliance for Justice Education) Conference entitled “Breaking Down Walls: The Transformative Power of Justice Education” was held from 5 to13 December 2017 in Mexico. This conference is organised every other year and its aim is to facilitate the exchange of experience and findings concerning clinical legal education worldwide.

16. 01. 2018 09.20 hod.

More than 250 participants from a great number of countries from all around the world attended the conference. The Faculty of Law at CU in Bratislava was the only faculty of law in Slovakia invited to this conference. It was represented by Mgr. Zuzana Illýová, PhD. and Mgr. Matej Mĺkvy, LL.M., PhD.

The conference provided an excellent platform for sharing valuable experience and networking. The first part of the conference was held in six parallel sections and took place in Puebla. Part of the conference was also devoted to the so called “training of trainers” which took place in Tlaxcala. It was a workshop in which all participants took part in various models of clinical education and discussions.