Academic Conference: Law and Economics – Challenges and Opportunities

The conference will be held on 20 October 2017 (Friday) at the Faculty of Law at CU in Bratislava.

18. 07. 2017 09.29 hod.

Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava

Department of Legal Theory and Social Sciences

 Department of Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminalistics


hereby invite you to an academic conference entitled


focusing on the following two major topics

Critical Analysis of Law: From Marxism to Behavioural Economics in Law 
Economic and Legal Aspects of Corruption

which will be held on 20 October 2017 at the Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava

We hereby would like to invite you to an international academic conference focusing on current interdisciplinary issues – primarily on the relationship between law and economics. The aim of the conference lies in interconnecting legal fields (criminal law, legal theory and legal history) with economics as well as other social sciences.

Section 1:  Critical Analysis of Law: From Marxism to Behavioural Economics in Law

Critical analysis of law has already had a long tradition in legal theory and philosophy. We could simply refer to the critical stance of Marxist or Marxist – Leninist legal theory towards the bourgeois law and legal science. A similar critical tradition in Europe can nowadays be seen in the so called Frankfurt School and its representatives, namely J. Habermas. The critical legal school formed in the USA in the 70th and 80th represented namely by M. Horwitz, D. Kennedy and M. Tushnet also belongs to this movement. Despite the fact that this stance towards law lessened in the meantime, it partially turned into (namely in the USA) a rather radical racial criticism of law and feminist and gender criticism of law. The critical analysis of law, especially from the right-wing perspective, is currently also offered by some law & economics movements. The movement manifestly inspired with behavioural (psychological) economics, thus termed behavioural economic analysis of law, also represents the criticism of own economic stance towards law.

Section 2:  Economic and Legal Aspects of Corruption

Corruption is a social phenomenon affecting all areas of public and private life both in countries with stable economics and firm democratic tradition as well as in less developed countries. Corruption has been present in the society in all stages of its development, since antiquity up to the present. It is a phenomenon which needs to be solved comprehensively and all across the country. The aim of the section is to examine corruption in a broader social, economic, sociological and legal context, in all its forms and from different theoretical as well as practical perspectives, starting with theoretical-legal and historical-legal perspective, through the examination of economic, sociological and criminological factors, all the way to the assessment of current state along with the de lege ferenda recommendations.

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You will have to submit your paper by 30 November 2017. There will be reviewed proceedings from the conference published and selected papers will be published in a collective monograph with a renowned publisher. 


Conference heads


Organisation of the conference

Associate Professor JUDr. PhDr. Tomáš Gábriš, PhD., LLM, MA 

JUDr. Alexandra Letková, PhD.

Associate Professor JUDr. Tomáš Strémy, PhD.

Mgr. et Mgr. Andrea Kluknavská, PhD., LLM

Mgr. Slavomíra Henčeková