Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava

Admission Requirments and Procedure

Applicants must have completed secondary education and passed a state final graduation examination. Applicants must also have knowledge of secondary school mathematics and the basics of social sciences at such a level that the applicant is able to continue in the knowledge of secondary school and to study subjects of the study programme.

Successful completion of the admission process is a precondition for acceptance into the programme.

If the number of candidates exceeds the faculty capacity, the ranking of admitted candidates will be decided on the basis of an assessment of the candidate's language skills and the results of  secondary school mathematics, with preference given to those who have passed the graduation examination or its mathematics equivalent.

A candidate can achieve a maximum of 150 points for language skills and 150 points for mathematics skills.

Applicants must be proficient in English to successfully pass the entrance exam and to complete each course in the programme.

The admission test is comprised of a written examination which assesses the applicant’s general knowledge of the English language. Applicants from third countries might be subject to examination by electronic means.  The language portion of the admission test is worth a maximum of 150 points.


Adequate knowledge of English is demonstrated by all aspects of the application including selected language certificates with at least B2 level (e.g. IELTS, ESOL, TOEFL, Slovak Maturita Exam), unless English is a native language. In case that the applicant does not have a language certificate available, the knowledge of English will be subject to written examination – maximum 150 points.*


Minimum number of points is not specified. The final evaluation of the applicant’s language knowledge will be assessed overally. If there are concerns as to the level of English knowledge of the applicant, but there is a certain potential of improvement, the Faculty of Law will provide additional language courses for selected applicants.