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ELSA Bratislava

ELSA Bratislava

The European Law Students' Association is an independent, non-political, non-profit, professional organisation joining more than 30.000 law students and young lawyers in 35 countries across Europe in more than 200 local groups. ELSA has had the consultative statute in the Council of Europe since 2000, a special consultative statute in the Economic and Social Committee of the United Nations (UN ECOSOC) and a consultative statute in the UN's Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) since 1997. Its representatives have been participating in the sessions of UN ICC Preparatory Committee since 1995.

ELSA Slovakia is, inter alia, an observer of the Youth Council of Slovakia. ELSA's organisation is built on three levels – local level, national level and international level. As far as its local level is concerned, it is represented by associations which are active directly at individual law schools.

ELSA Bratislava which was established at the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava in 1990 belongs to five local ELSA communities in Slovakia and represents the oldest one.  In order to achieve its objectives, ELSA carries out various activities which can be divided into the following independent sections: Academic Activities, Seminars and Conferences, Marketing and STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme).

ELSA Bratislava is governed by its president who also acts as its representative with respect to third parties. Each section is managed by a vice-president responsible for the management and coordination of activities within that particular section. The executive body is represented by the Executive Board which is elected by and accountable to the General Assembly.

Furthermore, ELSA Bratislava is a member of a European-wide network - ELSA International in Brussels. The aim of ELSA is primarily to contribute to the education process in all areas of law, to encourage the mutual understanding, responsibility of law students and generally to improve the legal awareness of the society through various academic activities, seminars and conferences, its own publications, exchange study visits or internships and a huge range of extracurricular activities.

ELSA's philosophy:
 A world with respect paid to human dignity and cultural diversity.

ELSA Bratislava's website: http://ba.elsa.sk