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Further Education

In order to deepen and extend the professional knowledge of lawyers who have obtained their university degrees as well as graduates of other universities, the Faculty of Law organises further education courses within the scientific field of law.

The goal of further education is to make its participants familiar with the latest theoretical findings concerning the legal sciences, to enrich their knowledge with findings from other related or new scientific disciplines and to deepen their professional specialism in selected areas of law.

Contact: czv@flaw.uniba.sk

Karol Rybárik Institute of International Relations

Further education can also take the form of postgraduate study at Karol Rybárik Institute of International Relations (previously known as the Institute of International Relations). The study normally takes from 2 to 4 semesters and is conducted in accordance with a special schedule (courses are primarily held in the afternoons or at weekends). Its contents and timetable is determined by a study plan. 

Further Education Courses

Another form which the further education can take is represented by special courses conducted in various specific areas. These courses are organised during the academic year.

List of Courses Offered in the Academic Year 2015/2016

Account No.: SK17 8180 0000 0070 0013 5337


No.CoursePriceNo. of LessonsVariable Symbol
1.Dispute Resolution and Legal Liability in Sport90 EUR6 lessons1040030001
2.Basic Civil Law Terminology in French240 EUR3 blocks (6  x 60 minutes) altogether 18 lessons1040030002
3.Tax Criminal Offences and Economic Criminality90 EUR6 lessons1040030003
4.Practical Aspects of Law-Making Procedure90 EUR6 lessons1040030004
5.Professional Terminology of English and American Law of Business Organisations120 EUR6 lessons1040030005
6.Position of Legal Entitiy in Criminal Proceedings90 EUR6 lessons1040030006
7.Administrative Offence Procedure90 EUR6 lessons1040030007
8.Individual Employment Law Relations - Current Practical Issues90 EUR6 lessons1040030008
9.Act on Municipalities - Issuing Decisions and Generally Binding Regulations by the Self-Governing Units90 EUR6 lessons


10.Judicial Review of Public Administration by General Courts90 EUR6 lessons1040030010
11.Taxation for Lawyers90 EUR6 lessons1040030011
12.Access to Information Pursuant to Act No. 211/2000 Coll. on Free Access to Information90 EUR6 lessons1040030012
13.Collective Bargaining and Activities of Employees´ Representatives - Theoretical and Practical Issues90 EUR6 lessons1040030013
14.Role of Municipalities during the Organisation and Course of Elections Arising out of the Codified Electoral Right75 EUR6 lessons (6 x 40 minutes)1040030014
15.Administrative Procedure150 EUR12 lessons (2 days per 6 lessons)1040030015
16.Construction Procedure90 EUR6 lessons


17.Principles of the Law of Bill of Exchange / Position and Liabilty of Executive Directors in a Limited Liability Company
18.Cybercrime90 EUR6 lessons1040030018
19.Reenactment of the Civil Procedure90 EUR6 lessons1040030019
20.Arbitration90 EUR6 lessons1040030020

Possibility to Order Courses

The Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava may also prepare a specialised course upon the request.

Contact: czv@flaw.uniba.sk

University of the Third Age

The Faculty of Law of CU takes part in programmes organised by the University of Third Age at Comenius University in Bratislava.

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