Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava

Applicant - Admissions

1. Faculty

Name: Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Law

Dean: doc. JUDr. Eduard Burda, PhD.

Address: Šafárikovo nám. 6, P.O.BOX 313, 810 00 Bratislava 1

Dean's Office: tel.: 421 2 592 44 104, 421 2 592 44 631; fax: 421 2 592 44 216

Study Department: tel.: 592 44 107, 199, 306, 189, 311, 169, 501, 500; fax: 592 44 21

2. General Information

The Faculty of Law was established in June 1919 together with Comenius University itself. Augustín Ráth became the Faculty's first dean and the Faculty as such commenced its activities in October 1921.

Throughout its more than 100-year-long history, the study at the Faculty changed significantly a number of times. At present, the Faculty provides its students with three degrees of university education organised within the credit system.

The mission of the Faculty is to provide a high quality legal education so that its graduates would later become psuccessful legal practitioners both in Slovakia as well as in the European Union and be successful in other areas of social life as well.

The aim of the Faculty is to continuously improve the quality of material as well as formal aspects of all three degrees of university education through the permanent growth of the qualification structure of its pedagogical staff along with the introduction of modern methods of pedagogical process.

3. List of accredited study programmes

First cycle programmes (Bachelor):

Name of the programmeField of StudyLanguageDetails
LawlawSlovakadmission procedureprogramme
Management and Law

economics and management and law 

Englishadmission procedureprogramme
Economics and Law

economics and management and law

Slovakadmission procedureprogramme 

Second cycle programmes (Master):

Name of the programmeField of StudyLanguageDetails
LawlawSlovakadmission procedureprogramme 


Englishadmission procedureprogramme 
Law and Economics


economics and management

Slovakadmission procedureprogramme 
Canon LawlawSlovakadmission procedureprogramme 
Law (accred. 2015)LawSlovakprogramme 

Second cycle programmes (PhD):

Name of the ProgrammeField of StudyLanguageDetails
Theory and History of State and LawlawSlovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme
Constitutional Law


Slovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme
Administrative Law



Slovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme
Labour LawlawSlovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme
Criminal LawlawSlovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme
International LawlawSlovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme
Law of the European UnionlawSlovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme
Roman LawlawSlovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme
Commercial and Financial LawlawSlovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme
Civil LawlawSlovakadmission procedureprogramme
Canon LawlawSlovak, Englishadmission procedureprogramme