Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava

Conferences and Events

The Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava organises a number of conferences in pursuance of its scientific and research activities where such conferences represent an effective platform for the academics to meet each other and for the academic community to meet other experts and legal practitioners. Furthermore, its objective is to share, discuss and present the findings of their scientific and research activities.

The Faculty annually organises two most significant Slovak academic conferences with international participation:

  • Bratislava Legal Forum
  • Milestones of Law in Central Europe

Furthermore, a number of other partial academic conferences with a particular focus as well as specialized conferences dealing with current issues and challenges is organised at either the Faculty or departmental level. The Faculty has lately organised the following conferences:

  • Terminology of the new Civil Code: historical inspirations, current perspectives
  • Arbitration conference "ICC Arbitration Uncovered: Key trends, tools and tactics"
    <output>„ICC Arbitration Uncovered: Key trends, tools and tactics“</output>
  • Transformations of Constitutional Law
  • New Code of Administrative Court Procedure
  • Macroeconomic Aspects of Debt Crisis – Readiness of Countries to Face New Challenges
  • Energy Security and Building the Energy Union
  • Cross Border Citizen´s Forum on the Future of Europe - How Has the Crisis Changed Europe?
  • Legal and Economic Aspects of Long-Term Unemployment