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The Faculty conducts basic as well as applied research into all legal sciences including the research conducted into the history of state and law in our territory. It is also focused on the development of legal science in the area of public administration. The development of science is primarily carried out through Faculty´s participation in and fulfilment of assignments within a number of national grants as well as other grants funded by the European Union. Individual departments as well as institutes of the Faculty get involved in these grants in co-operation with other legal practitioners. The major grant assignments which are researched are the development of constitutional and state system in our country as well as in the European Union and the development of citizens' legal awareness through national, international and European law. Particular attention is paid to the position of our national law within the European Union while focusing on its enforcement and application. Apart from the aforementioned activities, the Faculty also analyses the drafts of legislation and takes part in the creation and assessment of legislation in various decision-making or advisory bodies through its pedagogical or scientific staff. Ph.D. degree programme has a specific position and is closely related to the development of science at the Faculty.

Vice Dean Science

doc. Dr. Angelika Mašurová

Faculty of Law,
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