Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava

Governing Bodies

Governing bodies of the faculty represent the dean′s permanent advisory bodies. Their sessions are convened by the dean. Pursuant to Article 26(3) of the Statute of the Faculty, faculty´s governing bodies are the dean, vice deans, chairman of the Academic Senate and faculty's secretary or other members of the academic community of the faculty who are appointed by the dean. The dean may invite other staff members and students of the faculty to the sessions of the governing bodies if necessary.

Deputy dean for External Relations represents the dean´s advisory body.


Vice Deans

prof. JUDr. Ing. Ondrej Blažo, PhD. - Vice Dean for Development, Accreditation, Evaluation and Quality Assurance, for Educational  Activities in Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes and Rigorous Exams

prof. JUDr. Lívia Trellová, PhD. - Vice Dean for International Relations and Foreign Language Studies

doc. JUDr. Jozef Andraško, PhD. - Vice Dean for IT, PR and Library

prof. JUDr. Tomáš Strémy, PhD. - Vice Dean for Grants

prof. Mgr. Ján Škrobák, PhD. - Vice Dean for Legislation and Legal Matters

Dr. iur. Angelika Mašurová, MLE - Vice Dean for Ph.D. Studies

Mgr. Maroš Pavlovič, PhD., LL.M -  Vice Dean for Relations with Professional Public

doc. JUDr. Hana Kováčiková, PhD. - Vice Dean for Diplomatic Academy, Assets and Investments  

Chairman of the Academic Senate


 Ing. Albert Priehoda, Phd.

Deputy Dean for External Relations