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Diploma in English Law and Practical Legal Skills

The British Law Centre’s Diploma in English Law and Practical Legal Skills is organised by a charity based at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law. It’s members include Lord Carnwath of the UK’s Supreme Court. Its Academic Committee is presided over by Professor Richard Fentiman, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Cambridge University.

Participants of the Diploma course study core issues of English law (including contract law, tort, trusts and others) and build a portfolio of practical legal skills (including case management, legal writing, contract drafting, oral advocacy, debating, mooting, interview skills and others).

The Diploma is taught exclusively by native-speaking English lawyers during 8 study visits to Comenius University (approximately once a month between October and May/November and June of any given academic year). Each study visit lasts for approximately 4 hours (not including extra, voluntary events which participants can join if they wish). The course materials are prepared by experts in their respective fields, including academic staff from Cambridge University and other leading UK Universities. The materials and course teachers are also available at any time via a dedicated course website. All teaching is conducted in English in a practical and interactive manner.

The Diploma is aimed both at law students, practising lawyers and anyone who wishes to improve their English language and legal terminology. Whether you wish to practise as a lawyer or simply improve your written and spoken English whilst developing a range of other skills, the Diploma helps to make your career goals a reality.

The Diploma is taught at multiple Universities throughout Central & Eastern Europe and is well-recognised amongst legal employers and educational institutions. BLC graduates have already gone on to excel in a wide variety of professional ways, inter alia by working in most of the major international law firms and a variety of legal institutions, including the European Court of Justice. Equally, BLC graduates have gone on to study/teach at variety of illustrious Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard or Yale.

The Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava is the only faculty of law in Slovakia which can provide its students with this kind of a study programme. The BLC has been based at Comenius University since 2004.

The Diploma is a fee-paying course, but a reduced “earlybird” fee applies until 30th June. To find out more about the Diploma or to apply, please visit our website here and to apply for the course at Comenius University, click here. To speak directly to the organisers, click here.


Two separate fees are payable – one to the British Law Centre and one to Comenius University. The fee payable depends upon the participant’s status (student/non-student) and the time of payment.


Fees payable to British Law Centre

Fees payable to Comenius University

Student/Non-student status

Early-Bird fee (applies if first payment of 200 € is paid by 30 June)

Standard fee (applies if fees paid after 30 June)

* The same payment date does affect the size of the fee payable.

Full-time student*

575 €

660 €

Students pay a local fee of €130


775 €

860 €

Non-students pay a local fee of €130

 *Anyone registered as a full-time student at any Higher Education institution within the EU (inc. Ph.D students)


Fee instalments:

It is possible to split fee payments into two equal instalments:

  • 50% of Fees – to be paid by 31st October 2022
  • 100% of Fees – to be paid by no later than 28th February 2023

NB. Anyone wishing to benefit from the reduced “early-bird fee” must pay  the First Payment by 1 July 2022.

Teaching Schedule

The draft teaching schedule for 2022-2023:


Teaching sessions will take place on Saturday (in order to make it easier for participants to attend). However, if (once recruitment has finished) it seems that the participants wish to organise the teaching schedule differently (i.e. different dates, different times), it may be possible to rearrange the draft schedule below accordingly.

Application and Other Documents

BLC Booklet

BLC Fees and Payments

BLC On-line Application Form

Further information about the programme: http://www.britishlawcentre.co.uk/

Feedback from Successful Participants in BLC

"Introduction to English and European Law was an excellent course for practising English legal terminology. As far as I am concerned, international trade law and IP law was the most useful part of the course. Furthermore, the participation in this course also affected my decision about starting my studies at Cambridge University."

Pavel, University of Cambridge graduate

"BLC is truly an amazing experience which does both - enriches your knowledge and makes you understand other legal systems (UK, EU). This experience which you gained will subsequently help you understand your own legal system. Therefore, I recommend BLC to both the students as well as any practising lawyers."

Alexandra, CEU graduate

"BLC Diploma is a well arranged, factual and well-designed introduction to UK law and EU law which will help the Slovak lawyer become familiar with these very useful issues. I sincerely recommend it."

Andrej, Harvard University graduate