Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava

Staff Mobility - STT

Staff mobility is intended primarily for the entire administrative staff (Faculty, Rector's Office, centrally funded divisions) of CU.

The sending as well as the receiving institution has to be granted the Erasmus University Charter (EUC). The department where the outgoing staff member works is not under an obligation to have signed the effective inter-institutional Agreement (IIA) with the receiving institution.

Receiving Staff from Abroad

The contact person (responsible for receiving the staff member from abroad) is under an obligation to notify the Faculty Coordinator of receiving the foreign Erasmus staff member and the Faculty Coordinator shall subsequently notify the Department of International Relations of the Rector's Office thereof.

The contact person shall make the foreign Erasmus+ staff member fill in and sign the Certificate for Erasmus+ Staff Member and shall subsequently give it to the Faculty coordinator who shall sign this form and submit it to the Department of International relations of the Rector's Office of CU.

Further information concerning the Interinstitutional Agreements and Mobility may be provided by the Faculty Coordinators.


The Faculty shall inform the foreign staff member in advance of the options and prices concerning the accommodation and shall make the requested reservation of accommodation. Any costs incurred in connection with the stay shall be borne by the foreign staff member on his/her own using the Erasmus grant which he/she has been provided with by the sending institution.