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About SSSA

What is SSSA?

The SSSA enriches by means of new impulses the routine of educational activities and thus creates a platform for active law students and the presentation of their opinions on up-to-date legal issues. Student research has had a traditional position in other fields of university study and has had an indispensable and crucial role. Our intention is to conduct the SSSA on a high-quality level even at the Slovak faculties of law and achieve that young people engage in scientific activities and thus are able to gain knowledge of the latest findings, are encouraged to gain further education and are able to present their findings and deliver them to the general public.

The project of the SSSA has been prepared in a way which enables the students to show and present all essential qualities which a good lawyer should have - precision, thoroughness, argumentation skills, perfect knowledge of the matter and pertinent issues, as well as advocating one's opinion and being successful in the confrontation of opinions and latest findings.

Who is the SSSA intended for?

The SSSA is intended for students in bachelor's and master's degree programme as well as Ph.D. students, either internal or external ones, who are enrolled at the respective university study programme at the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University in the respective academic year in accordance with its internal regulations. The contest is carried out by the means of an individual creative student’s activity supervised by a university teacher (tutor) who the student chooses themself. The student has to prepare a paper and the best ones are eventually presented at the SSSA Conference. Their authors are awarded with interesting prices.

How can you take part in the SSSA?

If you find the SSSA interesting and you wish to take part in it by presenting your paper you should primarily consider the focus of your paper and the particular topic you would like to analyse. Secondly, choose your tutor from the list of tutors which you can find on SSSA website or, upon an individual agreement, you can alternatively have another tutor who is a teacher at the Faculty of Law of Comenius University. Discuss the topic and the aim of your SSSA paper with your tutor who will certainly give you advice and show you the right direction. You can also choose from any of the topics proposed by the tutors which can be found on the website.