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Trade Union

Briefly about trade union at the Faculty

Trade Union Committee


Prof. doc. PeadDr. JCDr. Róbert Brtko, CSc. 


doc. JUDr. Mária Nováková, PhD.

Bc. Anna Frlavsová

Audit Committee


Ing. Zdenka Lukáčková, PhD.


Prof. JUDr. Romana Smyčková, PhD.

Mgr. Dominika Veselá

The existence of trade union at the Faculty of Law has already had a long history and stable background. The activities of trade unions are enshrined in and guaranteed by the Slovak legal order – the right to organize in trade unions is guaranteed by Article 37 of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic. Trade union represents the employer's equal partner and provides support to the employees in pursuing their labour relationships. Trade union could also be regarded as employees' attorney since it also, inter alia, protects its members from violation of their rights; it protects them from bullying; moreover, it provides its members with free representation before courts, legal consultancy concerning labour relationships and support in case of a difficult financial and social situation. Trade union also provides its members with up-to-date information about all issues concerning the position and interests of trade union members and employees.

The main representative of trade union at the Faculty of Law is the Committee of the Primary Organisation of Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science of Slovakia at the Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava. Apart from its statutory powers lying in collective bargaining, participation in the decision-making, consultations and inspections, our trade union also focuses on the organisation of social, cultural and sporting events intended for the faculty's employees and their family members.

Trade union at the Faculty of Law is open and welcomes anybody interested in joining it – whether faculty's staff members, Ph.D. students or other people who share the same opinions concerning social rights and employees protection. By joining the trade union at our Faculty of Law, you strengthen the membership base of the Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science of Slovakia and thus contribute to a more efficient bargaining position of the leading representatives of trade union in their attempts to call for more financial support for higher education institutions. Moreover, trade union intends to protect the position of workers in education and science in Slovakia. By joining our Primary Organisation, you may enjoy a great number of benefits related to the trade union membership. The more members the trade union has, the greater the bargaining position of the trade union in improving working and wage conditions of the staff at our faculty is. Apart from protecting our interests through collective bargaining, trade union does not solely represent the “voice” of criticism from below; it also comes up with and introduces new ideas. By joining the trade union, you also enhance its position at the faculty. Through your active membership and proposals for improvement of working conditions, you may enhance the culture and level of working environment at the faculty and also participate in a number of cultural events, trips and recreation stays while enjoying better conditions.

In case you are interested in the activities of the trade union, do not hesitate to contact us with any queries concerning the activities of the Primary Organisation at the following e-mail address: odboryflaw.uniba.sk, or you may directly become the member of our trade union by filling in the respective application.