Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava



On September 9, 2020 was held the XXI. year of annual international conference on environmental law. The conference was held online via the MS TEAMS application.

The primary goal of the conference was to stimulate discussion on three selected topics of the conference. For this reason, only selected speakers presented their contributions and the other participants were be able to express their observations and opinions in the discussion and then process them in the form of a contribution to the printed proceeding.

Selected topics of plenary sessions:

I.           „Environment during the corona crisis “

Contributions on the impact of the current situation on the state and future of the environment.

II.        „Waste management for the 21th century"

Contributions from the areas of management of various types of waste, the area of circular economy, the impact of waste management on individual components of the environment.

* section was implemented within the project APVV-18-0534 – „Legal Regulation of Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel“

III.      „It is time for effective land consolidation“

Contributions from the areas of land law, agricultural law, construction law, civil law and their intersections with land consolidation.

* section was implemented within the project APVV-19-0494 „Effective land consolidation“