Faculty of LawComenius University Bratislava

Membership Benefits

Sport and recreation

Alumni Club members may use the gym facilities on a capacity-available basis. FLAW also organizes various sporting events, where participation of Alumni Club members is welcome. Members of the Alumni Club may also organise their own official sporting events.

Renting of faculty premises

FLAW has premises that can be rented or provided free of charge to Alumni Club members by agreement. These are rooms with capacity for smaller meetings, but also lecture rooms with the necessary technical equipment.

Courses of further education

FLAW offers several lifelong learning programmes that are suitable for Alumni Club members. These are mainly continuing education courses or two-year extension studies implemented within the framework of the Karol Rybárik Diplomatic Academy. Members of the Alumni Club can also take an active part in the implementation of lifelong learning programmes, which means that they can lead individual continuing education courses.

Job Fair

Every year, a job fair for law students is held at the Faculty of Law, where law firms, state bodies, and various companies present their activities and provide potential job seekers with necessary and useful information. Members of the Alumni Club are invited to present their employers or their companies at this event.

Direct communication with students

Alumni Club members will have the opportunity to participate in clinical forms of education where they will have the opportunity to interact directly with students. Direct interaction with students can be mutually beneficial in terms of different perspectives as well as collaboration with future alumni.

Conferences of a scientific nature

Alumni Club members can participate in faculty scientific conferences as active or passive participants. Every year FLAW organises an international scientific conference called the Bratislava Legal Forum, as well as a conference for PhD students and young researchers called Milestones of Law in the Central European Area.