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Institute of Legal Communication in Foreign Languages

The Institute of Legal Communication in Foreign Languages (“the Institute”) provides the law students with specialised courses of foreign languages in various modules. The dominant position within the courses offered by the Institute is held by Legal English the courses of which are taught in seven consecutive semesters.

Students in all forms of study gain the basic knowledge of legal terminology during the first four semesters while taking the selective compulsory courses of Introduction to Legal English Terminology and Stylistics of English Legal Texts. Subsequently, the Translation courses, which are of an elective nature, follow and they are offered to the 3rd year daily students.

Furthermore, the daily students in their master's degree programme may further improve their translation skills while taking the Translation of ECJ Case Law, an elective course. In addition to English, our Institute also offers the courses of Legal German and French. In terms of Legal German, these courses are offered within the entire bachelor's degree programme and in terms of Legal French, the courses are offered in the first four semesters. The names of the courses copy their English version. Apart from the aforementioned courses, the Institute also offers elective courses of Latin I and Latin II to daily students in their first year of study and the course of Stylistics and Rhetoric which is offered to both daily and external students in the first semester of their first year of study.

Members of the Institute also teach courses in the joint study programme called Economics and Law as well as in Karol Rybárik Institute of International Relations.

The Institute also provides the Ph.D. students, both internal and external ones, with the courses of Legal Terminology in Foreign Language I, II and III. The Institute is an authorised certification centre which offers students a possibility to take language exams in Legal English and thus obtain an internationally recognised certificates TOLES Foundation and TOLES Higher. 

The aim of providing our students with foreign language courses is firstly to prepare them for being able to take specialised courses taught in foreign language in the following years of their studies and also to increase their chances in labour market.


Mgr. Petra Uličná, PhD.

Deputy Director of Institute:

Mgr. Sylvia Mičíková 


Tel: 02/592 44 471

E-mail: ucpk@flaw.uniba.sk

Secretary: office No. 310 (old building)


Institute of Legal Communication in Foreign Languages

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