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Institute of Physical Education

Institute of Physical Education

Institute of Physical Education represents a specialised section of the Faculty of Law focused on sport to its full extent. Its primary objective is to ensure an educational, training, consultation and motivation process. Apart from the pedagogical activities, our section also organises various sport events and professionally coaches the Faculty's representation teams in the university league. Members of our section get actively engaged in sport and organisational structures of university and professional sport.

Physical Education and Sport at the Faculty

The Section of Physical Education ensures the pedagogical processin several types of sport: basketball, voleyball, florball, futsal, badminton, swiming, aerobics, body forming, fitness ball excercise, fitness workout, canoeing, and indoor skills. These physical education courses are aimed at the development of physical condition skills, practise and improvement of skills specific for the given type of sport and last but not least at the compensation ( mental hygiene) for student s mental workload. The classes are intended to motivate the student to do sport repeatedly. Furthermore, students may participate in several sport activities even during their examination period - the Section of Physical Education may be seen through its university league teams in voleyball, basketball, futsal, florbal and swimming. 



Mgr. Erika Rondová,PhD.

Deputy director of instutute: 

Mgr. Andrej Kolárik ,PhD.


office: 27 basement (new building)

t.n.: 02 9012 9243