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Final Thesis

The final thesis is a part of the study of each study programme and constitutes one subject together with its defence; the defence of the final thesis is one of the state examinations.

The student will submit his/her thesis in electronic form via AIS2 (instructions).
The unified procedure for the processing of final theses is regulated by Internal Regulation No. 7/2018 - Directive of the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava (link).
It contains:

- the content of the thesis,

- the assignment of the thesis,

- the structure of the thesis,

- citations and bibliographic references,

- formal editing of the thesis,

- and other requirements



The Central Register of Final and Qualification Theses

The Central Register of Final and Qualification Theses (CRZP) serves as a central repository for final (bachelor, diploma, dissertation) and qualification (rigorous and habilitation) theses of students of the Slovak higher education institutions. The thesis in CRZP is stored together with the author's name and surname, the name of the higher education institution that submitted the thesis and other metadata for 70 years from the date of its registration in CRZP.

Higher education institutions send theses to the CRZP, where they are archived and subject to originality control, according to the Higher Education Act and on the basis of the contract between the CVTI SR and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Slovak Republic on the operation of the anti-plagiarism system and on the basis of the contracts signed between the CVTI SR and the higher education institutions.