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Frequently asked questions

What do I have to do to use the services of the FLAW Library?

If you are interested in study literature from the library collection (for borrowing, studying in the library), you must be a registered user.
The registration of students and employees of Comenius University and its renewal is free of charge.
Any change in personal data must be reported to the FLAW Library.

How do I borrow books?

At the entrance to the Library prove yourself with a library card. You will receive a key and then store your things in a locker, please. Before leaving the Library grab your things and return the key, please.

ERASMUS students aren't authorized to take the books away. They are authorized to use all the services of the Library only in the Library. They can study all books and periodicals in the Library.

Literature from the library's collection can be browsed online, through the library's online catalogue.

The information next to the items indicates whether the document is available for borrowing or for study in the Study Room. If the document is located in the book depository, library staff will have them ready for pick-up on the morning of the next business day after the request is made. These documents must be picked up within 5 business days. After this time, requests will be automatically cancelled, and the documents can be requested again by another user.

Whether a document is available for 'absence' borrowing is also indicated by a coloured mark on the spine of the book.
Green - for study in the Study Room only

Documents without markings can be borrowed home (absence borrowings).
Books can be borrowed at the borrowing desk upon presentation of an ISIC card, which is nontransferable. Only the user who has requested the books may pick them up.

How many books can we borrow at one time?

For students of the Faculty of Law, the maximum number of documents borrowed is 10.

What documents cannot be borrowed outside the library?

Journals, qualifying theses, and other documents in the monograph study room collection with study-room status are not borrowed outside the library, they are for studying in the study room only.

How can I reserve the document I want?

If all copies (except for copies to be studied in the Study Room only) of a particular book are borrowed, you may reserve a copy of the book through the library's on-line catalogue. If more than one user is interested in a document, reservations are processed in the order in which they are submitted. When the document is ready to be borrowed, you will be notified by email to your university email address.
The document is reserved for the user for 5 calendar days.

How long is the borrowing period?

The borrowing period is 14 days.

Can I extend the borrowing period?

Unless the documents in question are requested by other users, it is possible to extend the borrowing period one time via the library's online catalogue. The borrowing period is extended by 14 days from the date of extension. You can also request an extension from the staff at the borrowing desk.

How do I return a borrowed book?

The books borrowed are returned at the borrowing desk. Anyone can return a book (not just the user in whose name it was borrowed).
Failure to comply with the borrowing period requires the user to pay a penalty fee in the amount specified in the Library Regulations of the Faculty of Law of Comenius University.
Upon interruption or termination of studies at the Faculty of Law, the user is obliged to return all borrowings.

How to search in the online catalogue?

Detailed instructions for borrowing the book can be found in the online catalogue – section Help.

What should I note before submitting a request?

Location - at which library the book needs to be picked up:
UKOPAKN (400) - the books are in the depository, you need to order them via the “Request” button.
UKOPAKN (401) - books are in the free selection (in the online catalogue, the number of the legal area by which the books are arranged in the reading room is given in brackets after the signature)

Status - What I can do with the book:    
“Dostupné” Available = a borrowing to take home, send a request
“Prezenčne” In-house = a borrowing only for the Study Room, send a request
“Študovňa” Study room = the book is on the shelf in the Study Room, free selection
“Katedrová knižnica” Departmental library = a book is in the departmental library
“Príručka” Handbook = the book is in the teacher's possession.
“Žiadané” Requested = a request form is sent for the book
“Rezervované” Reserved = another user is waiting to borrow the book
“Dočasne nedostupné” Temporarily unavailable
“Archívny fond” Archive collection
MVS = interlibrary loan service

How to search for books in the study room?

Books in the Study Room are arranged by legal branches (e.g. 16 State Law, 17 Constitutions, etc.) and in each branch alphabetically by author or title.

The signature column in the online catalogue sometimes lists in parentheses the legal area number under which the document can be found on the shelf in the Study Room.

What are e-resources?

E-resources or electronic information resources (EIZ) are documents that are stored in electronic form and accessible in a computer network environment.
Comenius University staff and students have access to a wide range of subscription-based online resources for scholarly information, in which they can:
- read/download full texts of scholarly journals and books,
- search for literature in abstract and bibliographic databases,
- use scientific citation databases,
- use other specialised resources.

Where can I find an overview of law-related e-resources?

An overview of e-resources can be found in the Electronic Information Resources section on the website of the Faculty of Law Library:
There is also available the Guide to EIZ for the field of law.

Is it possible to access subscribed e-resources outside of the faculty buildings?

You can access e-resources from university computers or from home.

To access e-resources from your home computer, you need to set up remote access.
Instructions will be sent to you upon request by email to: kniznicavili.uniba.sk

Can e-resources be searched from one location?

Almost all electronic resources subscribed to by Comenius University can be searched quickly and efficiently from one place using the Summon search tool, which is also on the homepage of the FLAW Library

(search field Electronic library - electronic information resources in one place)

What should I do if I cannot find the book I want in the FLAW Library collection?

You can borrow a book from another library or submit a proposal to purchase a new book for the collection.

Borrowings from other libraries
If you are looking for a publication (book, article, etc.) that is not in the FLAW Library or in another library in Bratislava, you can use the Interlibrary Loan Service (MVS).
We will arrange for you to borrow or obtain a copy of the requested publication from another library. This service is chargeable and is only available to users registered with the FLAW Library.
Before ordering interlibrary loan services, please check whether the document is in the depositories of the CU Libraries or in the depositaries of the Bratislava libraries:

Súborný online katalóg UK
Katalóg Univerzitnej knižnice v Bratislave
Katalóg Ústrednej knižnice Slovenskej akadémie vied
Súborný katalóg periodík SR

The order form can be found here:

for a book

for an article

Library Fund Purchase Proposals
If we do not have a scholarly publication in the library's collection in the field of law or related fields, please write to us:
Please provide bibliographic details of the requested work (author, title, year, publisher, ISBN). You can also submit your proposals in person at the borrowing department; we will consider them as proposals to add to our library collection. We will send you information about the listing of the publication in the library's collection by email: