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The Library of the Faculty of Law provides library and information services to Comenius University  students and employees as well as to the professional public:

Loan services

The Library of FLAW CU provides loan services to users and visitors of the library according to the terms and conditions specified in the Loan Regulations of the Library of FLAW CU in and in the Frequently Asked Questions section FAQ

Loan services are provided free of charge to registered users upon presentation of the user's library card.

Documents from the library collection are available for the following:

a) in-person study (i.e. for studying in the study room of the Library of FLAW CU),


b) absence loan (i.e., for studying outside the premises of the Library of FLAW CU)

Consultation and advisory services

Consultation and advisory services are provided by the library staff of at the consultation points of the professional departments.

Consultation and advisory services include:

- information instruction on searching the library catalogue and electronic information resources available in the library

- consultation in the search for literature on a specific topic and assistance in the preparation of research

- location information from library catalogues and refinement of bibliographic data

- efficient use of internal and external information resources

- other issues related to library and information services


Non-registered users can also book consultations by phone, email, in person, or via this form.


The  Library of FLAW CU website contains a number of tutorials and useful tips on how to use the library services and internal/external information resources effectively.

Interlibrary loan services (ILL)

MVS is used to obtain documents that are not in the collection of the Library of the FLAW CU or in the collections of the Bratislava libraries. A registered user of the Library of the FLAW CU may request to borrow a document from the collection of other libraries.

Electronic request for a book


Electronic request for an article

Access to electronic information resources

The Comenius University Academic Library offers full-text access to thousands of licensed electronic documents in the field of law (scholarly books, journals, conference proceedings, encyclopaedias, etc.) from reputable publishers that are not freely available on the Internet.

For more information, see the Electronic Information Resources section.

Users have the opportunity to use the computers in the Library of the FLAW CU allocated for information retrieval and work with them. These services can be accessed by holders of a username (login) assigned by the Department of Information Technology and Public Relations.

The Library of FLAW CU offers a WiFi system for wireless connection of your own laptops to the Internet. WiFi connection at FLAW is integrated into the Eduroam project. This service is intended for students and staff of Comenius University in Bratislava. In order to use the service, student authentication is required with a username and access code assigned to each student in the Central Database of Persons (CDO), which can be retrieved from this link. For more information visit also www.uniba.sk

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Reprographic services


Two machines for self-service photocopying (1 page = 10 cents) are available at the Library of the FLAW CU. The RICOH copier also allows printing (from computers in the study room) and scanning. Scanning is limited to 10 pages, which can be sent directly to the reader's e-mail address.