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Xi'an Jiaotong University - scholarship13. 12. 2018

Dear Students, for your information, we are now opening the 2019 scholarship application for internaitonal students to come to study in one the top...

The Hague Academy of International Law23. 11. 2017

Welcome to the Peace Palace, the seat of The Hague Academy of International Law, an institution that is well known for the summer courses that it has given...

Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law27. 06. 2017

Greetings from Chicago! We are one of the top ten legal educational institutes in the country and are committed to supporting and assisting students who come...

Ponuka stáže v AK Clifford Chance Prague12. 01. 2017

Vážení študenti, AK Clifford Chance Prague hľadá študentov práva, ktorí by mali záujem o stáž v ich kancelárii na oddelení Slovak Desk.

Internships for students in Brno01. 12. 2016

Are you looking for an internship abroad? Masaryk University provides a website and gathers all interesting internships offered by local...

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