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doc. JUDr. Eduard Burda, PhD.

e-mail: eduard.burda@flaw.uniba.sk

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Doc. JUDr. Eduard Burda, PhD. graduated from the Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava. He worked at the Department of Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminalistics until 2014 and since 2014 he has been working at the Department of Administrative Law and Environmental Law. His scientific activities are primarily focused on issues concerning criminal law in connection with other legal as well as non-legal scientific branches, especially the administrative law. His research activities are reflected in chapter on "Analogy in Public Law" published in a monograph. He published more than 60 scholarly papers, two monographs on "Criminal Offences against Life and Limb Compared in the Old and Reenacted Criminal Code" published in 2006 and on "Self-Defense and Other Circumstances Excluding Unlawfulness of Act" published in 2013. He is the head of the group of authors of scientific commentary on the Criminal Code published by C.H. Beck. In terms of his pedagogical activities, he tries to interconnect the theory and practical knowledge and to introduce innovative teaching methods. As for his hobbies, he is enthusiastic about hiking, films and fiction, including its writing.