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2020-23 Centre of Excellence Rule of Law in the European Union

Jean Monnet No. 620758-EPP-1-2020-1-SK-EPPJMO-CoE: Rule of Law in the European Union

The main objective of the project JM CoE is to evaluate, analyse and critically test the expressions and impact of the rule of law requirements across the main EU policy fields and within the complex legal matrix of European integration. The development of rule of law and it´s contemporary importance is being discussed mostly in constitutional discourses. The concept of rule of law and mechanisms of its promotion were approved and somehow understood as distinct and special notion, which should be opened and operated only in extraordinary circumstances. The objective of whole set of activities is to determine and debate this concept in most possible wide sense, to establish the whole Rule of Law matrix, by its formulating as the living instrument in all EU key activities. The set of activities of JM CoE include and follow the compex of topical lines, which will comprise of these strategic themes:

• Rule of law as internal constitutional concept of the EU and the fundamental value, connected with other values mainly human rights

• The promotion of Rule of Law in EU global (external relations connected with enlargement policy)

• Rule of Law promoting and limiting the freedoms o internal market, while reflecting the current development and ongoing connected challenges, mainly digitalisation

• Rule of law and Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

• Rule of law requirements within the main EU policies (competition, EMU regulation etc.)


The goal is to functionalise the Rule of Law, promote its automatic appraisal and determine its scope and limits. Project JM CoE will accelerate the research on this topic, activate the public and professional debate on the role of Rule of Law requirements and disseminate the information and research results across the all possible audience.




Lucia Mokrá, Ondrej Blažo, Hana Kováčiková, Andrej Beleš, Adam Máčaj: Functionalising the rule of law in the European Union (Bratislava : Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Law, 2023).